Life Vest
Do Not Feed

Safety Tips for Enjoying the Blueways

  • Avoid canoeing or kayaking alone, or at night.
  • Watch for motorboats. Stay to the right and turn your bow into the wake.
  • Prepare a “float plan.” Leave a paddling route and return time with a relative or friend.
  • Secure your car and take keys with you; and remember a cell phone to call emergency personnel, if the need arises, at 9-1-1.
  • Law requires persons in vessels less than 16 feet long, including canoes and kayaks, must have either a wearable or throwable PFD (Personal Floatation Device) for every person on board.
  • When in a group, assign boats to be the lead and sweep. Preferably both boats should be manned by experienced paddlers with no one in the group passing the lead boat or falling behind the sweep.
  • Do not approach or harass alligators, as they can be dangerous. It is illegal to feed wildlife. Blueway trails are shared with alligators, nesting birds and other wildlife. Please observe, but do not disturb.
  • Make mental notes as you pass trail markers — knowing the location of the closest marker will help emergency personnel should you need assistance.